I take my inspiration from the plant world. Trees, vines, and flowers are snapshots of yearning intent, reaching for sunlight. My sculpture places the human body within that silent garden, in postures of lustful exaltation, open like an orchid.

My newer work is about how it feels to love. It's so hard to describe, something that can only be explained with poetry. I think this will be my subject for a long time.

I sculpt my works with wax oil clay, which never dries. It's indefinite open time allows me to spend a year on a piece if I wish to. I regularly destroy pieces without reservation. I melt the wax clay and use it again. All of our molecules are borrowed, so why not? I can work on something for weeks and then tear it in half, not in anger, but because it needs to happen.

When a sculpture is done, I make a rubber mold of it. Then I can cast a finished piece in resin or plaster.  I love using plaster. I dope it up so that it is strong and able to hold detail as fine as fingerprints. Then I apply a graphite finish. Graphite is shiny, deep and mystical.

 I live in Madison, Wisconsin. You can ask me anything:  chrisaltschuler@gmail.com